An online slots tournament is a way for casino players to compete against each for prizes. The tournaments have different rules and can range from free tournaments ('freerolls') to tournaments which require a cash buy-in. The tournaments usually have a time limit and a set amount of spins that players may play. Once the time runs out the winners will be decided and awarded their respective prizes. 



Videoslots Casino

Videoslots casino are probably the current leaders in the online tournament arena. They have slot tournaments running 24/7, 7 days a week and 365 Days a year. Note: In order to be able to participate in the freerolls all players must wager a set amount as determined by Videoslots Casino. 

Tournaments on Offer at Videoslots Casino:

  • Freerolls

  • Buy-in Tournaments

  • Sit and Go Battles

  • Jackpot Chases


Casumo Casino

Casumo Casino offer reel races  every 30 mins - 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. The Grand Reel Race event takes place at Casumo Casino every evening at approximately 19h00 CET. The Grand reel race awards cash prizes ranging from £1000 to £2000 on special evenings. Players who finish in the lower spots can look forward to bonus money and free spins. Entry is free.

Tournaments on Offer at Casumo Casino:

  • Reel Races


Rizk Casino

Rizk Races start every 30 minutes throughout the course of the day and run 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. There are a number of wager-free prizes on offer for players, Rizk Casino runs two main events which start at 19h00 CET and 21h00 CET respectively. They offer top prizes of between £500 and £1000. Entry is free. 

Tournaments on Offer at Rizk Casino:

  • Rizk Races


Yako Casino

Yako casino belongs to the L&L Group of casinos and offers platform wide monthly tournaments. The tournaments typically encompass a group of slots from certain manufacturers. Players who bet the minum required amount per spin on any of the tournament games can win up to £ 10,000 in additional prizes! Entry is automatic.

Tournaments on Offer at Yako Casino:

  • Monthly Tournaments

  • Special Achievement Tournaments


Yeti Casino

Yeti casino also offers platform wide monthly tournaments. The tournaments are similar in nature to that of Yeti Casino and other properties managed by L&L Europe. Playing and qualifying on their tournament games can net you to £ 10,000 in prize money too! Entry is automatic.

Tournaments on Offer at Yeti Casino:

  • Monthly Tournaments

  • Special Achievement Tournaments


The Slots tournament rules dictate how the winner will be chosen. This can range from (but are not limited to):

  • The total score accumulated by the player 

  • The highest multiplier won

  • The most consecutive wins achieved

  • The lowest score achieved


There are several variations of online slot tournaments. Different online casinos may have differing rules on how they work. In general the

most common are:


Reel Races


Reel races are commonly used by casinos like Casumo and Rizk. Players participate by wagering their own money (or bonus money) on pre-selected slots. There is a set starting time, time limit , minimum bet and a maximum amount of spins permitted per participant. Players are free to wager any amount as long as it is equal to or above the minimum required bet. Scores are determined by set parameters such as consecutive wins, big wins and mega wins. Prizes range from Cash to Bonus Money and Free Spins.



Freerolls are commonly used by operators like Videoslots Casino. They offer players to participate in a free tournament and win prizes like cash, free spins or entry to secondary tournaments. They work on set balance, set bet limit and typically last for about 2 hours. Every win is calculated and awarded the equivalent points (i.e 10x bet = 10 points). Players with the highest scores are awarded their prizes once the clock has run down. 

Buy-in Tournaments

This type of tournament functions very similarly to your freeroll tournaments. The difference is that they have set buy in prices. Some of them may only require 1 buy-in (Freeze Out) or up to a set amount of re-buys as determined by the casino. Prizes are typically cash with no wagering requirements attached. Bonus money cannot be used to participate or buy into these tournaments.

Sit and Go​ Battles

Sit and Go tournaments are quick battles which require a buy in. They are focused on 2 - 5 players mainly and last for much shorter duration. Prizes are usually paid in cash with the only exception being a Jackpot Chase. 


Jackpot Chases


A jackpot chase is a string of Sit and Go tournaments in which players battle each other for entry into the next round. Entry for round 1 of a Jackpot chase can be won during a freeroll. Players also have the ability to buy into any round of their choice. The later the round, the more you will need to spend in order to join in. The final tournament usually has a big cash prize for the top places. It must be noted that it is possible to win the jackpot chase tournament without a single cash buy in. 

Monthly Tournaments

A number of casinos offer players the opportunity to win extra cash through monthly tournaments. These function differently than the aforementioned tournaments as they span over the course of an entire month. The monthly slot tournaments have different set ups but in general focus on players who have done the most amount of spins or win the biggest multiplier in a game round. Stakes must meet the minimum bet requirement and players who play with higher bets do not gain an added advantage. 

Special Slots Achievement Tournaments

The Special Achievement tournament runs at several different online casinos. If players achieve a set combination of symbols during the course of the month, they must take a screenshot and notify the casino. The casino will verify the legitimacy of the achievement and award players cash or bonus prizes. An example would be to win 500x stake or more on a given slot or achieve 6 scatter symbols on slot selected for the competition. Prizes can climb up to £ 2,500.