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The internet is a big place. The World Wide Web has millions of websites and each of those websites have thousands, if not millions of rival or competitor websites. Online Casinos, just like any other business, use affiliate marketers in order to advertise their brands and services. This ensures that they get exposure across a number of channels and websites.

The game is not that simple though. Online Casinos use something called an affiliate program where they entice prospective marketers to sign up and market their brands by offering 'Life Time' deals or other perks in exchange for traffic,


This is where it becomes complicated. In some instances, massive companies actually go full on rogue and steal from their partners in fraudulent acts and schemes so big, that it would be prosecuted in any court of law. Affiliate Programs basically change their terms as they please and simply keep all the marketing commissions you were due - forgetting any deal you initially signed up for. 

Affiliate Marketers invest time, money and resources in order to promote websites of their partners. It is completely unethical, illegal and fraudulent for ANY company to simply decide that they wish to stop paying you for services rendered,

We will take a look at some of the biggest thieves and rogues in the industry, Massive companies who prey on small businesses in order to lure them into marketing them - then simply close their accounts and pretend that they do not owe you any money. 


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Gala Partners run Gala Casino. A massive online casino which is owned by Ladbrokes Coral. They have assembled a massive fraud and theft ring in the form of their affiliate program. They are closing partner accounts of affiliates for the primary purpose of stealing their money. 

In our instance, it was merely because they claimed we didn't respond to an email which we didn't receive. All evidence sent to them to disprove this allegation including repeated attempts asking them to send any evidence fell on deaf ears. Their company representative closed our account just before Christmas and stole the money we legally earned. 

Worth mentioning - is a specific Affiliate Manager called Neil Zeff. Neil spearheaded the thievery by refusing to provide evidence or even try to help us out. He subsequently LEFT Gala with what we assume is a stolen affiliate database and still had the nerve to reintroduce himself for a new company. Bearing in mind, this was the same dishonest person who stole our affiliate earnings, it didn't come as a surprise that he stole an affiliate database too. 


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King Billy Affiliates run King Billy Casino. A white label operating off the Direx NV platform. In all honesty, King Billy Casino is a rather decent operation and we have no gripes with them. Their affiliate operation on the other hand is run by a bunch of individuals who believe that they wield Thor's Hammer. 

The Head Honcho 'Ruslan' should be given a lesson in PR. He ultimately does more damage to the brand by himself than any negative post on any forum could do. 

In a nutshell, they were called out on an affiliate forum for failure to respond to a query. Some words were exchanged between us and them and it led to our account being closed. Whether we were in the right or wrong about this is beside the point. The affiliate program basically said that no negative posts on forums are tolerated about their brand and decided to shut our account. We were not actively promoting them at the time and the financial damage was minimal, but their action is deemed to be rogue. 

The problem we have with this program is that if you run into issues and post about any negative experience - it will give them the right to steal your money, players and close your account. For this reason alone, King Billy Affiliates are ROGUE.