If you have landed on this page, you probably looking for an avenue to circumvent a block that you initiated on Gamstop. Stop right there and reconsider your actions - even if - for a brief moment.

You may have signed up to Gamstop for one of the following reasons:

You have a gambling problem

You are spending too much time playing online

You are losing too much money

You family life is falling apart

Your social circle is becoming smaller

The above list of reasons can continue indefinitely. There are serious consequences for the problem gambler and the sooner you begin to grasp its effects, the better for YOU, your FAMILY, your FRIENDS and ultimately your LIFE. A Responsible Gambling program is there to assist individuals to kick the habit and try to live a normal life. 

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Gamstop was created as a tool by the UK Gambling Commission with the intention of offering players the opportunity of self excluding at multiple UK Licenced properties - from a central location. It has been effective  - and may need some tweaks, but it has been helping players regain control of their lives gradually. 


Whilst no system is 100% bullet proof, Gamstop has been proven to work at casinos participating in this program. Fast forward to approximately 2 weeks back. A few immoral and unethical affiliates were actually found to be targeting problem gamblers. They did this by advertising a list of casinos who were basically taking UK players without a valid licence. To take this a step further, the casinos that they promote are not even guaranteed to pay you. If you run into problems - You are on your OWN!!


These nasty casinos and affiliates are basically trying to take advantage of vulnerable players - who admitted to having a problem by using gamstop. They are trying to help you circumvent the blocks that YOU put in place to try and regain control of your life. This is all done for the sake of pocketing some cash from people who cannot afford to lose money in the first place. 

Gambling is a favorite past time of many individuals world wide but when it begins to affect those around you, your lifestyle and general well being, YOU need to draw the line. We recommend that IF you are suffering from a gambling addiction, you should use gamstop in conjunction with a tool like BetBlocker.

Betblocker will assist you in blocking casinos even in the event that they are not participating in the gamstop program. Simply click on the logo to be directed to the website.

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